Paul 19 Berlin, Calon FM

“With some internships you feel like you are one student of many, but with ECTARC you feel like you are the only one- they keep track of you and it feels like they really care about.

I was really happy with my work placement at Calon FM, I recorded radio shows, edited audio clips and did research for local events.

I would definitely recommend the ECTARC program because it was a great work placement with really nice people.”

Adam France,

WM System Loading Ramps

“I was allocated a marketing role where i was given different tasks to do.

I helped to prepare our stand at the Commercial Vehicle Show in Birmingham. I produced a newsletter for them, promoted new products at the CV show and also created a campaign to encourage people to come to this show.”

Jannick 19 Berlin,

IT PRO, Llangollen

“I have enjoyed working for IT Pro, they are really nice guys and really friendly.

I would definitely recommend ECTARC because the staff are really friendly and for example, they will do whatever they can to make sure you enjoy your work placement. Llangollen is a beautiful place, the people are great and the landscapes are just awesome!”


Elodie, France

Luxury British tailors, Chester

It’s my first time in the UK and it’s almost like I thought it would be. The people are nice, polite and you have so many different beers to taste in the pubs.’ 

‘It was sharing all these good moments with the students at ectarc; the parties and meeting students from different countries. We really worked well together because no-one cared about making mistakes. We could understand each other. It was friendly and I miss it ! ‘

Phillip 21 Berlin,

Glyndwr University Student Services

“I have done work experience in the past but I never felt like the placement was right for me, but ECTARC chose a good work placement for me that suited my skills and enabled me to get the most out of my experience. I was working at Glyndwr University and the placement was perfect for me, I got to interact with people, use Microsoft programs and most importantly improve my English. I think ECTARC really look after their students”.


Marc 19 Berlin,

Bailey’s Delicatessen Llangollen

“I really enjoyed working in Bailey’s with Ross and Tracey. They are great people. The placement helped me practice my English and every day I spoke more and more!

The placement was very flexible I was very happy there. The best thing for me was the friendships I made with Ross and Stewart in the shop and of course the discount on all the cakes and pies! Thank you to ECTARC for such a good experience.”