Each year, ectarc welcomes over 300 people from different areas of Europe, such as Spain, France, Germany, Italy and Hungary, through EU Mobility Programmes. We place trainees in a variety of sectors all over Wales. Many participants come to our base in Llangollen for a language or cultural and work preparation course before their traineeship and some groups go straight to their placements without a course. In all cases our evaluation shows that we have an excellent reputation for taking care of our participants, companies and organisations and host families.

We have been working with a large number of our partners, companies, organisations and accommodation hosts for many years but we welcome new enquires from all. Find out more using the links below or call one of our ERASMUS+ team if you would like to discuss working with us or ask any questions.

Karen Ramsay (ERASMUS+ Officer)
Mandy Jones (Accommodation Officer)