Some of our wonderful companies and organisations have hosted many participants and have been working with us for many years. The evaluation we collect from participants and companies proves that both gain a lot from the programme. We also add new placement hosts all the time all over Wales. It’s a mutually beneficial process. ECTARC’s ERASMUS+ team supports both the participant and the company throughout each participant’s stay and pays close attention to the needs of  the company or organisation and the participant.

Why host an ERASMUS+ participant in your company?

An ERASMUS+ participant is a useful addition to the staff team. New links and friendships are forged, and the exchange of ideas with someone from a different country and culture can stimulate the working environment. In addition, by hosting a participant, you and your colleagues provide valuable work-based experience and make a real contribution to the skills and employability of the trainee.

Benefits of hosting an ERASMUS+ participant:

  • Additional help from a trained professional in your field Exchange of knowledge and best practice
  • Placements are at no cost to the company – reduced overheads
  • A native speaker of a foreign language can make it easier to understand the foreign market and set up new business contacts abroad
  • Increased international links, understanding and exchange

We organise placements in many different fields, from specialised engineering and scientific research, to marketing, IT, hospitality, retail,general administration staff and many more. To discuss the possibilities for your organisation, please fill our contact form or phone ectarc on 01978 861514.